Terminology Unit Query Exchange

Introducció / Introduction

This section contains the terms that can be queried at the Terminology Unit and which do not appear in the more common query resources such as the Diccionari de l'Institut, GEC2, Cercaterm, GLC, etc.


The terms are set out in thematic areas and ordered alphabetically in each of these areas. In addition to the Catalan term given in bold, we have included equivalent terms in other languages in italics that we have been able to verify in reliable sources.


Nonetheless, please bear in mind that we have not included equivalent terms where we have been unable to verify the spelling as they do not appear in reliable sources. It is also important to take into account that there are terms, e.g. solarització, which appear in one area list (in this instance, agriculture) but not another (e.g. appearance) although the word is valid in both. Therefore, whilst a term may appear in a list with a particular meaning, this does not rule out any other meanings or definitions it may have in other areas.


You will not find the resources where we found the terms listed; if you are interested in this information, however, please feel free to send us an e-mail, fax or give us a call requesting it. Our contact details are listed in the Presentation section.


Finally, if you spot any error that we may have missed, or if you would like to make any comment or recommendation for improving this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Abbreviations used


m masculine noun
f feminine noun
m i f masculine and feminine noun
adj. adjective
v tr transitive verb
v intr intransitive verb
v tr i intr transitive and intransitive verb




sin . synonym
sin. compl. supplementary synonym
abrev. abbreviation
den. com. trademark
veg. see



ex. example
sbl symbol
nc scientific name




ca Catalan
es Spanish
fr French
en English
it Italian
de German
pt Portuguese