Spelling proposal for toponyms containing the words Can and Son

Spelling proposal for toponyms containing the particles Can and Son based on the spelling updates issued by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans

Given the spelling revisions issued by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, we need to take into account the issue of toponyms containing the particles Ca / Can / Ca na / Ca n’ and Son / So na / So n’.

See: <> (p. 110).

In accordance with the updated spelling, with these words when the following noun begins with a vowel, the article is not contracted but apostrophised to the noun, e.g. cal Metge, but ca l’Apotecari, ca s’Arrosser, Ca n’Oleo, ca n’Aina; Son Lledó, but So n’Ametler, So na Monda.

In this vein, the Onomastics Unit at the UIB Language Service, alongside the Department of Catalan Philology and General Linguistics at the university, recommends progressively adopting the new spelling as far as possible. This does not mean replacing what already exists, but rather incorporating the new forms which will co-exist with those that were in force until present.