Modern Languages Courses 2018-19. German Courses (DE)


Modern Languages Courses 2018-19. English Courses (EN)


Registration for Modern Languages Courses 2018-19



The diplomas, qualifications and certificates issued by the Language Service for successfully passing English B2 level or higher are officially recognised as per Executive Agreement 12476 of 10th October 2017, which modifies Executive Agreement 10990/2014 of 15th April that approved the regulations on English language skills for degree programmes.
(FOU no. 455 of 27th October 2017)

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Registration Period: 10th-21st September 2018

Registration Conditions

  • Maximum available places: 25 per course
  • Registration must be done in person and is by order of arrival
  • In case candidates need to withdraw their registration due to force majeure, a waiting list of a maximum of 10 places will be organised by the same order of arrival

Registration Process

  1. Come in person to the Language Service (Son Lledó building) with the following documentation:
  2. If you are not a member of staff or a student at the university, please request UIBdigital credentials when submitting this documentation.
  3. Upon submission of this documentation to the Language Service administration service (Enric Llompart), you will be provided with the account number to pay in your registration fee.
  4. You have two (2) days to make the payment. Failure to do so will lead to your registration being cancelled.
  5. Cancelling your registration. In special circumstances*, students may request the Language Service fully or partially cancel their registration. The following are deemed reasons for cancellation:
    • Documented serious illness.
    • Sudden disability.
    • A sudden, serious change in students' employment, financial or family circumstances.
    • Obtaining a place at another university on courses not offered at the UIB, after having registered here.
    • Denial of visa application.
    • Any other similarly exceptional reason.

(*) Under no circumstances will the registration fee be refunded if the course has already started.

Course Start Dates

German A1 (group 1)

1st October 2018

German A1 (group 2)

2nd October 2018

German A1 (group 3)

5th October 2018

German A2

2nd October 2018

German B1

1st October 2018

English B1 (group 1)

1st October 2018

English B1 (group 2)

2nd October 2018

English B2 (group 1)

1st October 2018

English B2 (group 2)

2nd October 2018

English C1

1st October 2018


Modern Languages Courses Price List 2018-19

(As per the price list and public prices charged by the University for its services during 2018, approved by the Governing Council. FOU 460 extraordiny, appendix V)

Duration UIB Price* External Price
60 h. 122 € 163 €
120 h. 224 € 302 €


*UIB includes: students, PDI teaching and research staff, PAS administration staff and researchers at research institutes affiliated with the University.