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Level Booklets and Past Papers

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New level booklets from Catalan language qualifications approved by the Technical Assessment Commission for Catalan Accreditation (CTACC), in accordance with Decree 21/2019 of 15th March on assessment and certification of Catalan language skills (BOIB no. 35 of 16th March 2019).

The Catalan language qualification booklets contain a description of the level, objectives and assessment. In turn, they also include the test structure, marking scheme and past papers. Finally, there is also a bibliography and resources that may help you prepare for the exam.

Accreditation of Catalan Courses and Examinations

The Catalan courses and examinations at the Language Service are organised in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment (CEFR). You may view it  <here>.


The diplomas, qualifications or certificates issued by the Language Service for passing the Catalan language examinations from level A2 onwards are officially accredited as per the Order issued by the Regional Minister for Education, Culture and Universities on 21st February 2013 which sets out the qualifications, diplomas and certificates equivalent to certification in Catalan language skills from the Directorate General for Culture and Youth. (BOIB no. 34 of 12th March 2013.)

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