Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure for Modern Languages Courses 2019-20

Registration Procedure

Registration shall be online over the FUEIB platform. For those who do not have UIBdigital credentials, they will need to request them when they are registering.

Both the registration and UIBdigital credentials, where required, must be done by clicking the following link. The link will be activated from 9 am on 2nd September:




Please be aware that when you register, you will be asked to attach a scanned copy of your ID document (.pdf, etc.).

For any query or question, please contact us on 971 25 95 48 and 971 17 27 17.

Where student numbers are low for any group, the Language Service shall offer students the chance to join other groups at the same level, herever possible and if this suits them, or, where applicable, it may cancel the course.

REMINDER: You must accredit you have the previous level in order to register on an English or German course.

Cancelling Registration

In special circumstances*, students may request the Language Service fully or partially cancel their registration. The following are deemed reasons for cancellation:

  • Documented serious illness.
  • Sudden disability.
  • A sudden, serious change in students' job, financial or family circumstances.
  • Obtaining a place at another university on courses not offered at the UIB, after having registered here.
  • Denial of visa application.
  • Any other similar exceptional reason.

* Under no circumstances will the registration fee be refunded if the course has already started.