B1 German (group 1, afternoon) 2019-20

  • Dates
    • 30th September to 27th May 2020 

  • Schedule
    • Group 1: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1-3 pm
  • Duration
    • 120 hours
  • Lecturer
    • Carme Alcover
  • Location and Classroom
    • University Campus, Antoni M. Alcover i Sureda Building, room SAL06
  • Prior qualifications required
    • LS level test / A2 German from the LS / Second year of the EOI official language school (old syllabus) / Basic 2 from the EOI / Start Deutsch II (GI) / Certiuni accreditation. Students who do not have any certificate must take the level test on the date indicatedon the Language Service website. If you are unable to take this test on the date given and have a valid reason, you may contact the lecturer directly to take it at <>.
  • Programme
  • Credits
    • 6 ECTS (except for students on the Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Physics and Tourism Degree Courses, and the Double Degree in Business Administration and Tourism.)
  • Teaching Schedule
  • Exam Dates
    • TBD