Face-to-face classes temporarily suspended

The Language Service is temporarily suspending face-to-face classes on its courses. Our teachers will continue to provide activities remotely via e-mail. The suspended classes will not be counted for attendance registers.

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Accreditation of Catalan Courses

The Catalan courses at the Language Service are run in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You may view this at the following <link>.


The diplomas, titles or certificates issued by the Language Service for having passed Catalan language courses from level A2 onwards are officially accredited as per Order of the Regional Minister for Education, Culture and Universities of 21st February 2013. This order sets out the titles, diplomas and certificates equivalent to the Catalan language certificates issued by the Directorate-General for Culture and Youth (BOIB No. 34 of 12th march 2013).

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