Translation and Editing Procedures: Requests through UIBdigital

The TRANSLATION/EDITING REQUESTS FOR MODERN LANGUAGES must be made through UIBdigital. The following services are available:

Translation and editing of documents: modern languages

Types of documents: translations or proofing of journal articles, abstracts, research papers, etc.

Who can make a request? PDI teaching and research staff.

Translation and editing of institutional documents: English

Types of documents:

Institutional, administrative and financial documents (certificates, letters, agreements, etc.) from Catalan or Spanish into English.

Who can make a request?

Both PAS administrative staff and PDI teaching and research staff who require these types of documents translated or edited.

This service is free of charge.

The service does not include translation or editing of journal articles, abstracts for papers or articles or other types of publications; requests for these documents must be made through the 'Translation and Editing' form.

Translation and editing

Types of documents:

Proofing documents in languages other than Catalan, or translations that the Language Service does not directly cover, such as translation from Catalan to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to Spanish, etc.

Who can make a request?

UIB offices and services.

Translation of course guides from Catalan into Spanish are not included here and must be requested through the 'Course Guide Translation from Catalan to Spanish' form.

Course guide translation from Catalan to Spanish

Who can make a request?

University administrative services, upon the request of a student who requires courses taken at the UIB to be validated at other Spanish universities.

Free service.


Catalan Editing Procedures

The system remains unchanged for PROOFREADING IN CATALAN. Requests can be made over the phone or via e-mail.

This does not include editing long documents in Catalan, requests for which must be made through the 'Editing Long Documents in Catalan' form.

Editing long documents in Catalan

Types of documents:

Long documents in Catalan such as books, annuals, journals, guides, etc. These editing tasks are generally done by external editors.

Who can make a request?

Both PAS administrative staff and PDI teaching and research staff who require said service.

For any queries, please contact the Language Service on extensions 9548 or 2717.

Document Types

Document Types (Editing)

The documents edited by the Language Service are categorised into three groups:

  • Ordinary Institutional Documents
    • These include general administrative documents at the university and basic teaching texts (examinations and similar documents).
  • Extraordinary Institutional Documents
    • These basically include books published by the University Publications Service or, in general, long or extensive institutional documents.
  • Non-institutional Documents
    • These include research documents by lecturers and professors, or documents from administrative and services staff.

Document Types (TRANSLATION)

The Language Service offers translation of institutional documents from the university that need to be sent outside Catalan-speaking areas (translation from Catalan into foreign languages) or which have been sent to the university in a language other than Catalan (translation from a foreign language into Catalan), as well as research documents by lecturers and professors or those by administrative staff to be published overseas.